10 easy ways to promote your new book

Promoting and marketing your book is vital to a self-published author. However great your book is, you will not get recognized if your book doesn’t get into the right hands. Marketing your book may seem terribly expensive, but there are some quick hacks you can adopt to promote your book if you cannot afford an agency.

Read further to find out.

1. Guest blog posts

Guest posts, like fashion have been revived from the dust like a phoenix. They can still be a great way to bring a bit of attention to yourself and the book you are trying to promote. The secret, however, is to write posts for blogs aimed at the audience you are trying to attract.

Do a bit of research to find blogs in your genre, and reach out to the owners with an offer to write a guest post. Many blogs have guidelines for guest posts, so search these out (and follow them) if they exist.

And don’t forget to put a short bio (one or two sentences) at the bottom of the guest post, to point people to your work. Something like:

Semilore Davies is the author of “A Sunny Day in Lagos”, an award-winning novel. You can find more of his works at www.semdavies.com


2. Go On a Local Book Tour

Contact schools, libraries, book stores and anywhere else you can think of and ask if you can do a reading and signing, with a portion of book sales going to that group as a sort of discount. Most schools and libraries won’t charge you a thing, but donations would be welcome and help grease the wheels. You can also donate a few books to top libraries and schools.


3. Promoted Posts on Twitter

If you can create a small budget for online ads, you can get some traction with a promoted post.

Write the post as if it were an ad for your book, including a nice, attention grabbing photo. You can use Canva.com to get a free stock image and then put your book over that image, if you like. Use that to complement the short bit of text you’ll write for your post.

Post this on your Timeline on Twitter. From there, you can share it anywhere you like, including groups you belong to, if rules allow. More importantly, you can also do a paid promotion from your author page, at which point the post becomes an ad. You can do these pretty cheap, and they’re worth it to nab a few new readers.


4. Mailing List and Email signature

Send an email to your list. Give them a reason to buy a book—many authors run promotions such as offering a special webinar or teleseminar to customers, which they access by sending a receipt as confirmation of purchase. If you’re not sure what to say, then get your creative juices flowing with these writing activities. In addition to your list, you can create a short signature for yourself that goes out to everyone you send an email to.

Semilore Davies | +2348023457891

You can buy my new book, “A Sunny Day in Lagos” on Amazon here


5. Start a conversation about the book on Quora, Reddit etc

Create a discussion on one of the discussion sites like Quora or Reddit (sites do come and go so always look for what’s most relevant for your audience). Ask questions, engage users, DON’T make it just a pitch for your book. If you are keyword savvy then use keywords in your post title and content so that it will show up on the search engines and give you ongoing promotional returns.


6. Run a charity fund raiser

Run a big charity fundraiser so that for every book sold on a certain day or a certain week you give all or part of the profits to a charity of your choice (or better yet, run a fundraiser and then send everyone who donates a free pdf of your book – you won’t make money directly from this but it’s all about promoting you and your book).


7. Invite fans into your inner sanctum

Put something inside your book that encourages people to sign up for your email list. You then have a list to promote your next book to! If you can’t think of one then just create a list for people who want to get pre-publication copies to help you proof or review your content and to get you early reviews.


8. Create a movement around your book

What’s your story — is it your personal story? Maybe you’re battling depression? Or an illness? Or maybe you can be the voice of a group? Help bring together or get attention for people who may get ignored or marginalised in today’s society. Or maybe you want to campaign for something? Healthier food in schools. Better regulation of pesticides. Make the book more than just a book and use all the methods we’ve talked about to get the word out. We worked with an author who wrote about her experience growing from the slums in Ajegunle to making million dollar deals on behalf of some of the world’s biggest companies. We also created a national campaign around ‘Be Fearless’ and tied the launch to the International Women’s Day.


9. Group promotions

Create a community or a forum where your readers can connect, share ideas, and talk about your book. Social media platforms change but the need for community never goes away.


10. In-depth blog post

Write an in-depth blog post on a topic related to or covered in your book, and then reference and link to your book in the post and at the end.


11. Interviews and Book reviews.

You can request press interviews by mailing the journalists covering your genre of books and notify them you have a new book. You can also ask friends to write a book review that you can publish in any of your national papers.


This post does not intend to provide an exhaustive list of book promotion ideas. Rather, its purpose is to help you understand that at its core, marketing is communicating about your book and making it available on as many platforms as possible. As you get started on the book marketing tips offered here, you will come across many more ways to promote your book and reach more readers. And if you need help implementing some of the ideas in this article, we will be happy to help! Happy book promotion!

Article By: Tope Osunrinde