The complete thought leadership programme

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Programme kickoff

Brand audit: Review bio, profiles

Social Media and Digital Optimization

Content Roadmap

Each Month

Two (2) original articles – approx. 800 words each

Content Publishing service to international and regional platforms

Syndication for republishing across social platforms

Development of high-quality backlinks and SEO

From Month 4

Guidance on intensive daily content creation

Handover of personal website

Month 6

Freedom (well, not quite)


  • Bio
  • Headshot photo
  • Social banners

During onboarding, we will conduct an initial interview to get to know you, your organization/company/idea, your industry, and topics of interest. From there, we will conduct a deep dive online to see what is resonating in your space and identify content opportunities for you. After we mindmap a Content Roadmap, outlining 2-3 topic buckets and specific ideas for articles to create together we start the creation process



We work with you to understand you, your organization/niche and your industry and recommend article ideas to maximize your exposure, whether by tapping into existing conversations or publishing original thoughts.



We conduct an initial interview to learn about you and your business, your industry, what you want to build thought leadership around and your preferred conversational style.

Thereafter, we conduct a deep dive to identify existing and popular conversations, prominent voices, and opportunities to leverage your unique story and expertise to contribute meaningful content that will perform well online.



Following the deep dive, we will create and share a Content Roadmap, which serves as your initial content calendar, outlining specific article ideas to begin working on.

We will monitor these articles and topics to know what performs best and adjust future Content Roadmaps accordingly.



We proactively monitor your industry for breaking news or major events that we can intercept with our conversations.

We have monthly sessions with you to ideate around pre-approved topics, produce content in your unique voice


  • Audio/Video interviews

Every month, we hold a recorded interview to discuss our agreed topic, share questions for your reflective responses and create article per approved Content Roadmap.


  • Email Q&A

For more thoughtful topics, we send a list ot questions, as well as relevant articles that can be answered via email or voice memo, which we can repurpose into original content in your voice.

Per interceptions to trending topics or current events, we can also ask for short bites we can flesh out as original content.


  • Fresh opportunities

Content directions can be revisited in response to client requests. As we iterate on the branding journey, clients can have a change of perspectives, which can be reflected into the roadmap.

  • Tonal/Language preferences

Following a review of the process for our initial minimum viable products, the first two to four articles, we can focus on your preferred tonal and language preferences and refine the process till we communicate seamlessly offline and online.

  • Syndicated partners

We have direct relationships with dozens of reputable media, publications and blogs across the world.

We can place your approved content into several international and local platforms in our partner network.


  • Social platforms

We will also repurpose your approved articles as content for your social media, as listicles, short-form content etc with photos, proper formatting and appropriate tags.