What we do

At LittlestepsPR, our focus is on people.

After a Eureka reflection that an organization, movement, or company’s message should come from a person, not just the entity itself, we created a reputation building, management and sometimes, cleansing programme focused on helping people brand themselves as category and industry leaders

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We believe that insightful and future-focused people build sustainable and resilient organisations and governments and we help these people stand out by supporting them to find their voice, articulate their thoughts and create strong personal brands that influence the world.

LittlestepsPR humanizes organisations by leveraging thought leadership as a tool to help leaders build the right relationships that influence stakeholder decisions and advance their personal and corporate reputation.


Company founders, business executives and thought leaders can join ‘NUCLEAR’, our immersive six-month programme that helps people build sustainable, inspirational personal brands in the fastest time.

NUCLEAR starts with a brand audit, where we review your bio, social profiles, headshot photos and banner images; an ideation process with you that includes deepdives to identify conversations and expertise, strategy and articulation and content distribution.

Our Solutions


You need a credible voice; we can help you define what you stand for. Tailored talking points to help position you consistently in describing who you are, what you offer, your customers, the benefits you deliver, your vision for the future, and other critical questions.


Training to help you confidently and effectively build relationships with media and other influencers


Clear communications strategies and action plans to support your objectives and goals


Activities to drive increased engagement with influencers online, including via social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.


Collaboration with your company executives to build their brand profile, including topic development, content creation, and other thought leadership initiatives. We also do advocacy writing to further deepen your industry and cultivate relationships with your stakeholders.


From Lagos to Accra, Banjul to Johannesburg, we have developed effective relationships with the leading media across Africa. We have dedicated media relations specialists who understand what makes journalists/bloggers tick. We’ll always advise you on what makes a good story, and help you craft and pitch it to the right media. We can respond quickly to breaking news and ‘hijack’ topical news stories relevant to your business. Proactive communication efforts such as press releases, one-on-one executive interviews, and other company interactions to build and maintain journalist relationships.