10 easy ways to promote your new book

Promoting and marketing your book is vital to a self-published author. However great your book is, you will not get recognized if your book doesn’t get into the right hands. Marketing your book may seem terribly expensive, but there are some quick hacks you can adopt to promote your book if you cannot afford an agency.

How to publish your book in 2020

For any writer who aspires to be an author, knowing how to publish a book is essential. It’s a common scenario — you have an idea for a book but you have no way of knowing how to translate that idea from your head to a computer, then into print or online.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Build Its Brand this Year

Before we talk about why your company needs to build its brand, let’s talk about branding. What it is and why it’s necessary. THE WHAT: Marty Neumeier, author and speaker on all things brand, defines brand by first laying out what a brand is not: “A brand is not a logo.

How To Build The Online Reputation Of Your Startup

Building a brand is not easy, and there are a number of different obstacles to jump over in the process. And it doesn’t end there – when you've built that brand it's important to maintain a good reputation online. The saying “No such thing like bad reputation” is a lie, especially for startups.